Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I installed batteries in my car and in the remote control but when I turn on the power switches the remote control doesn’t seem to work.

A1. This is a very common problem. If the batteries installed are not fresh or fully charged rechargeable batteries, the controller will not operate correctly. You may have some things such as throttle working but no steering. This is usually due to batteries that need to be replaced. We recommend rechargeable batteries.

Also if the red and green light on the remote control are not on when the switch is turned on there might be a problem with the battery connections. If this occurs and the batteries are fully charged or new the terminals in the controller battery box may need to be bent out a little to make better contact with the batteries.

A2. If changing the batteries did not resolve the problem, you should inspect all the wiring on the vehicle. You should check the receiver to make sure the steering servo and electronic speed control are plugged in correctly. You could also try swapping the 2 plugs going into the receiver to see if that fixes or changes the problem in any way.

A3. If none of the above options resolve your problem you should return the Remote Control unit to us at 3145 E Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 and we will gladly swap it for a new one. Please include a written note with your shipping address and the problem with the remote control so that we expedite the replacement.

Q. My car will not start when I pull the starter cord.

A. This can be due to many things.

The first thing that many new users of Nitro Cars need to know is that a Glow Plug Igniter is needed (Image Below). The Glow Plug Igniter must be fully charged prior to attaching it to the glow plug. If it is fully charged and it is attached to the Glow Plug.Make sure a good connection is made.

Second, if the above is done you should check to make sure that fuel is getting to the carburetor. This can easily be done by holding your finger over the exhaust hole and giving a few pulls on the pull start. This will cause fuel to siphon through the fuel line to the Carburetor. Make sure that you do not pull the pull cord all the way to the end. Starting is a learned art and can easily be done with short quick pulls about 1/2 of the way.

Third, if the above two do not resolve the starting issue, you may have flooded the engine. You can remove the glow plug and turn the car upside down and pull the cord a few times to clear out the fuel than restart.

Lastly, your settings may be mis adjusted. If you continue to have issues we highly recommend that you visit a local hobby shop for guidance on correct starting procedure and setup.

Q. My car starts but I cannot keep it running.

A. This is common for all new cars. All cars need proper throttle, rich & lean adjustments to get the car running just right. We recommend visiting www.rcuniverse.com for further information on how to tweak your car so that runs perfectly. You can also visit a local hobby shop or visit local races in your area so that you can learn the tricks and tweaks needed to enjoy your RC Car to its fullest.

Engine Setting Help.
Some symptoms of mis-adjusted engines and carburetors are:

  • Car does not start.
  • Car starts but will not stay running.
  • Car starts but exhaust spits out a lot of gasoline.
  • Car starts but each time I hit the brake it stalls.
  • Car does not seem powerful.
Q. My pull cord is stuck and will not pull.

A. You should remove the glow plug to release the pressure within the engine and pull the cord a few times to free up the cylinder. Reinstall the glow plug and try again. This usually resolves a stuck pull cord. If it doesn”t your cord may have come off track and you can simply open the rear of the engine and check to see if adjustments need to be made.

Glow Plug

Q. What is the warranty and return policy on Redcat Racing Products.

A. All products can be returned for refund only (within 15 days or receipt) if they are unused and unopened. We do not accept returns on any product that has been opened or has had fuel installed.

Q. I have received my product and there is shipping damage, what should I do?

A. Prior to running the vehicle or installing fuel, you simply need to take a picture of the damage and email it to info@jjcustomsllc.com We will send out the damaged part at no charge. Once fuel is installed or the car has been run, there is no warranty on the product. All parts can be found on the Redcat Racing Website. Simply click on the vehicle you have then click on the parts link.